ECOWAS Court resumes its annual activities suspended by COVID-19



The ECOWAS Court of Justice on Monday resumed its annual administration and finance retreat, one of the principal activities of the Court which was suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected most of the support functions of the Court.

The President of the Court, Justice Edward Amoako Asante described the resumption of the activity through the 13th Administration and Budget Retreat, as ‘am important milestone on the journey to the resumption of the activities of the Court that was suspended in compliance with the Covid-19 protocol.

He expressed optimism about the possibility of the resumption of other strategic activities of the Court such as the Judicial retreat, sensitization campaigns, the international conference and external court sessions held outside the seat of the Court.

The five-day retreat will focus on the performance, achievement, challenges and prospects as they relate to the administrative and financial management of the Court.

The retreat, which will be attended by the Judges, their Executive Assistants and Staff will also discuss the 2022 draft budget of the Court.

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