Monday, March 8, 2021

COVID-19 Shortfalls: New York Attorney General drags Amazon to court

New York Attorney General, Letitia James, has sued Inc on Tuesday over its handling of worker safety issues around the COVID-19 pandemic at...

US Justice Department seeks to delay appeals on WeChat, TikTok restrictions

The US Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court to pause a government appeal of a lower court ruling blocking restrictions that the...

Family drags trading App, Robinhood to court over suicide

The family of a college student who killed himself after thinking he had lost a fortune using Robinhood sued the free trading app on...

India top court seeks WhatsApp reply in petition against sharing mobile payment system data

The Indian Supreme Court has issued a notice seeking a reply from the instant messaging service WhatsApp, owned by Facebook Inc., in a petition...

Microsoft supports proposal to change Australia media law

Microsoft President, Brad Smith, has expressed the company’s support for the Australian House of Representatives’ proposal requiring various technology companies to share revenue with...

WADA won’t appeal Russia CAS ruling in Swiss Court

The World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, says it will not appeal a controversial Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling that halved Russia's international doping ban...

Smartphone maker sues US over inclusion on list of Chinese military affiliated companies

Xiaomi Corporation has sued the US Departments of Defense and Treasury over its designation at a Communist Chinese military company. Xiaomi was designated as a...

Fiat Chrysler to plead guilty, pay $30 million to resolve US criminal labor probe

Fiat Chrysler on Wednesday said it will plead guilty to charges it conspired with company executives to make illegal, lavish gifts to United Auto...

Apple facing three class action suits over iPhone obsolescence

Consumer rights organization Euroconsumers has announced that it is coordinating a third class action lawsuit against Apple Inc. over the technology giant’s planned iPhone...

Google, Facebook oppose proposed Australian law requiring payment to news media companies

Tech platforms such as Google and Facebook are fighting a proposed Australian law that will force them to remunerate Australian news media companies. The Australian...

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