Did you know…There is compensation in cases of false and vexatious accusation?



Law Tv GavelWhere a person causes the arrest, or arrest and charge of a defendant or defendants and it appears to the court that there was no sufficient ground for causing the arrest, or that the accusation is false, vexatious or frivolous, it may for reason recorded, order the person to pay reasonable compensation to the defendant or defendants arrested and charged.

The court may in default of payment of such compensation or any part of it, award a term of imprisonment against the person against whom the order was made, for any term not exceeding the term prescribed in respect of a like sum in the scale of imprisonment set out in the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) or the court may sentence the person to Community Service in accordance with section 462 of this Act.

Subject to the provisions of the Constitution relating to appeals, a person against whom an order for compensation is made under this section may appeal against the order as if he had been convicted after trial by the court that issued the order.

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