Alleged Assassination: Ukraine applies to Europe rights court



The European Court of Human Rights, ECHR, announced that Ukraine has lodged an application against Russia, alleging breach of right to life through Russia’s State-authorized targeted assassinations of opponents of Russia.

European Court of Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights

Ukraine claims that these assassination operations were performed outside of armed conflict situations against perceived opponents of the Russian Federation, in Russia and other Council of Europe member states.

They further allege that Russia has failed to investigate these assassinations and deliberately thwarted efforts to find the individuals responsible.

These actions, Ukraine claims, amount to a violation of Article 2, the right to life, of the European Convention of Human Rights.

This is the ninth application lodged by Ukraine against Russia, with four currently pending before the EHCR.

Previous applications involved the detention of Ukrainian nationals in Russia, amounting to numerous violations of Convention rights, and the crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight in Eastern Ukraine.

Following an application, the court must notify Russia and invite them to submit written observations.

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