George Floyd: Minneapolis police chief testifies against Chauvin



A city’s police chief, Arradondo, on Monday testified at the former officer Derek Chauvin’s murder trial that he violated Minneapolis Police Department rules and its ethics code on respecting the sanctity of life during the deadly arrest of George Floyd last May.

Justice for GeorgeOver 3-1/2 hours of testimony, Arradondo disputed the defense’s claim that Chauvin, who has pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges, was following the training he had received in his 19 years on the force.

According to law experts, who track police prosecutions, it is highly unusual for a city’s senior police official to testify that one of his former subordinates used excessive force.

Chauvin, who along with three other officers was fired by Arradondo a day after the arrest, sat nearby in a suit, taking notes.

In opening statements last week, a prosecutor told the jury that it would hear from Arradondo, who would not mince words.

On Monday, he appeared dressed in a blue uniform, placed his chief’s hat on a ledge in front of him with its golden badge visible to the jury, and spoke with his hands clasped in front of him.

Chauvin failed to follow his training in several respects, Arradondo said, adding that the officer did not relent in using deadly force even as Floyd fell unconscious and he did not provide the mandated first aid to a dying Floyd.

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