Microsoft supports proposal to change Australia media law



Microsoft President, Brad Smith, has expressed the company’s support for the Australian House of Representatives’ proposal requiring various technology companies to share revenue with Australian news organizations.

The legislation proposed last December in Parliament seeks to remunerate Australian news organizations that publish original content spread on digital platforms like Google and Facebook.

Proponents of the bill assert that such a law will establish a sustainable news industry in Australia.

Though Microsoft would not need to pay local news organization under the current proposal, the company indicated it would never leave Australia, as has been threatened by other tech companies.

Google and Facebook, companies directly impacted by the proposal, both oppose the legislation and assert that they will make content sharing changes if it becomes law. Australia’s Treasurer responded by suggesting it was inevitable that such tech companies will need to remunerate Australian news organizations.

In order to become an Act of Parliament, the legislation will still need to pass both chambers and receive signature by the Governor-General.

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