Tennessee Senate passes bill banning transgender student athletes from female sports



The Tennessee Senate on Monday passed SB0228 Bill, a move which bans participation of transgender athletes from female designated sports.

The Bill, introduced earlier this year, passed with a vote of 27-6 and amends Title 49 of the Tennessee Code.

Tennessee Senate
Tennessee Senate

In its push for biological determinism over one’s self-identified gender, the Bill requires a student athlete’s gender for purposes of participation in a public middle school or high school interscholastic athletic activity or event to be determined based on the student’s sex as assigned at the time of the student’s birth.

The Bill furthermore requires for reliance to be placed on a student athlete’s gender as indicated on the student’s original birth certificate, or any other evidentiary document determinant of one’s sex assigned at birth.

The Bill additionally requires the state board of education, each local board of education, and each governing body of a public charter school to adopt and enforce policies in order to ensure compliance with participation of students in athletic activities based on their sex determined at birth.

The bill is now pending approval from the House of Representatives.

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