US Supreme Court to assess Trump administration abortion referral restriction



The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide the legality of a government regulation implemented under former President Donald Trump that bars health clinics from receiving federal family planning funds if they provide abortion referrals.

The justices will hear appeals in cases in which 21 states including Oregon, California and New York, the city of Baltimore and organizations including the American Medical Association and Planned Parenthood challenged the 2019 regulation issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

USA Supreme Court Building
United States Supreme Court

President Joe Biden, who took office on Jan 20, said during the election campaign that he would reverse course from the Trump administration rule.

Such a reversal would require a new regulation to be issued after the customary federal rule-making process.

The Trump administration said the rule does not prevent all information on abortion being given to patients but enforces a provision in the 1970 law that prohibited funds being used in programs where abortion is a method family planning.

Prior to the 2019 rule, healthcare providers could receive Title X funds if they gave abortion referrals as long as the money was used solely for other family planning purposes.


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